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From the Friends of St Peter’s

YOUR VILLAGE CHURCH NEEDS YOU For nearly 750 years there has been a church, on the site of St Peter’s, at Walton on the Hill. Over the centuries the church has been the centre of the village. It has been the cornerstone through the changes and challenges of village life. Like most churches, St Peter’s has a modest congregation of regular churchgoers, but welcomes large numbers at Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Remembrance Sunday.

Villagers come to us for their weddings, baptisms, funerals and to visit loved ones in the churchyard. It is vital that the church and grounds are safe and well maintained for these occasions. BUT ALL THIS MUST BE PAID FOR We believe that many people, whether or not they are churchgoers, greatly admire the church building and the churchyard, overlooking the village green. We also believe that members of the Walton community and others, associated with the village, would like to have the opportunity of making regular contributions to the church’s upkeep and the preservation of this historic building. We want to ensure that this beautiful church and all that it means to so many people will continue to flourish for the benefit of future generations. WE THINK IT’S WORTH SAVING YOU CAN HELP US TO ACHIEVE THIS BY BECOMING A Friend of St Peter’s We also hope that Friends will become a unifying factor in village life. It is not just for churchgoers, it’s for everyone.

To this extent, we run several social events throughout the year. We also provide a free copy of the parish magazine – Window on Walton - which contains information about local activities and businesses, as well as church life. WE ARE SEEKING REGULAR PAYMENTS, please. This is not a one-off appeal. Standing order payments, whether annual, quarterly or monthly, will allow us to know what our income is and plan for the future. Regular payments are also tax efficient. Friends, a registered charity, can reclaim 25% Gift Aid on donations, whilst donors can also reclaim higher rate tax.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT Friends IS ONLY CONCERNED WITH THE CHURCH BUILDING AND THE CHURCHYARD. IT IS NOT TO DO WITH ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE CHURCH. Membership of Friends entitles you to a copy of the Parish Magazine and, should you so wish, a number of social functions during the year.

 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONSIDER BECOMING A Friend, PLEASE CONTACT: PHILIP TRUETT on 01737 813832 or email philip@truett.co.uk